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Reason for having a website for business?

Every day, more or less 2.4 billion people make use of the Internet daily.

Throughout the world more or less 90% of individuals, make online purchase decisions, after going through thoroughly on the website to improve visibility and online presence, the necessity of a website cannot be ignored. Despite the fact, they already know about the company’s information, yet they want to visit the website to know more about it.

For those who are not able to find store locations, the website’s direction section helps them in that regard. To build trust and loyalty for a brand or business, the website can act as a credible source that cannot be underestimated.

Importance of a robust brand?

To create a long-lasting impression, branding is essential. To build trust, a memorable impression is needed and this is why brands come into being. Thus, new customers come and join the brand, thus motivating the employees.

  • Enhance Recognition

    A brand should be a memorable one because it is the face value of the company. A long-lasting impression matters the most to make it memorable.

  • Develop Monitory Worth

    To accomplish financial gain, a strategic plan development proves to be essential. Making sure that the financial objectives of the company are met, by increasing the value of the company and ROI optimization.

  • Build Credibility

    People always look for legitimate, credible, and trustable aspects when they want to get associated with the business. Hence, this is the reason why a professional appearance matters the most.

  • Employee Inspiration

    Accomplishing shared goals makes employees proud, once they can understand the company’s mission. With intensity, curiosity, and freedom, things can turn out to be interesting ones.

  • Make More Clients

    To gain a referral business, branding proves to be an essential choice for the company. Once a memorable experience is delivered, word of mouth functions automatically. An example referring pair of new shoes to a friend, even if the brand is not remembered.

What a Great Website Looks Like

  • Responsive Design

    Regardless of what device you are using, be it a mobile, desktop, or any other type of device, the purpose is to provide an equal playing field with an intuitive and gratifying experience.

  • User-Friendly

    Efficiency, memorability, and learnability are the three significant aspects to be included in a website. The workable and easily accessed are the features that every website should have upon the understanding of factors, a website can be improved easily.

  • Minimalism

    The minimalistic layouts and designs are adapted by many brands and businesses throughout the world. With more blank space, fewer pages, and simpler designs, the website designs can become stand out.

Which Website Type Suits My Business

01. Business Website A business website is a significant aspect of a greater marketing plan, incorporating the business’s presence. Marketing activities play a crucial role to gain more traffic. 02. E-Commerce Website:Professional eCommerce websites offer the simplest and easiest ways to purchase services and products online. Hence, these websites play a crucial role in boosting sales online. As compared to the stores, the vendors offer services and products at lower rates. Hence it is a convenient option for the customers and also essential to save energy and time. It allows them to purchase a product from the comfort of their couch. 03. Blog:The blog is an ideal platform to share thoughts and passions with the entire world. With the comfort of the couch, the information can be updated anytime, according to the need.

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Color Combination For My Website

For the visual content on the website, color is something that cannot be ignored.

Why Color Scheme Is Essential?

Neutral Colors like Gray, White, and Black are easy in the eyes of the readers and helps to process and digest the information on the website with ease.


Identify the key emotional message you want your logo to communicate and choose colors to convey that emotion:


As far as modern website design is concerned, neutral colors function more like whitespace, however, dominant color shades can also be prioritized, but harmonizing them is not as easy as with neutral colors.

Type of Fonts For Websites

Just like the colors, the importance of typefaces cannot be ignored. The idea is to what kind of message you send across to potential customers and target audience through your text:

  • Script fonts: creative, elegant, and affectionate
  • Serif fonts: reliable, traditional
  • Sans Serif: clean, stable, and steady
  • Modern: stylish, strong
  • Display: unique, friendly

Importance of Style Guide

As far as your website is concerned, standards of layout and style guides must be linked with the copy and visuals. Although the website is for a small brand or a prominent one, the rules of the style guide remain the same. The six key elements for the website are as follows:

  • 1

    Essence or Mission

    To get to know about the company, research is very necessary. A mission statement can get the job done in that regard to give you clarity about what the company plans to do.

  • 2


    Typography covers more than 90% of the entire website, hence the reason why its importance cannot be ignored. Perfect typography will make your company instantly recognizable.

  • 3

    Icons and Graphics

    A style guide without the inclusion of icons and graphics is hard to imagine. These are one of the most necessary elements as far as the website is concerned. Mostly, white, colored, or black and white icons and graphic elements grab the attention of visitors.

  • 4


    For copywriters as well as professionals, voice is the most significant thing, as far as branded websites are concerned.

  • 5


    The colors to be chosen on the website must be divided into secondary and primary ones. The additional colors are the secondary colors while brand-specific colors are the primary colors.

  • 6


    Last but certainly not least, a website cannot be said complete, and they should complement according to the color and style.